Franco Berardi Bifo is an italian Marxists philosopher, writer and activist. Apocalypse Wow! is a short film, more precisely a video documentation of a performance happened the 17 march 2018 in Delphi (Greece). First of all Franco is a friend, one day he called asking to read his last poem “Ode to capitalism”, a strange mix of delirium and sharpness; his plan was to organize the last public event of his life before leaving the scene forever. So we decided to set up his last appeareance in Delphi at the sacred temple, and he was pretty happy to play the role of the Delphi’s oracle predicting and celebrating the contemporary apocalypse. A group of students came from the Sandberg institute of Amsterdam for a month of workshop in Greece. They’ve been the audience of this oracle-happening at the beginning of their journey. The performance started at sunshine and Franco red the poem to the students for the first time. We tried to empower Bifo’s speech working with sound and music composition.

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Written and with
Franco Berardi Bifo
Directed by
Luca Chiaudano
Concept by
Emanuele Braga
Music by Sound design
Matteo Nobile Riccardo Bandi
Nicola Baratto Walter Gotsch Yiannis Mouravas
Animation Graphics
Francesca Maciocia
Color grading
Gabriele Cipolla
With partecipation of
Andrea Lopez Bernal Anna Laederach David Haack Monberg Jasmine Alakar Jeroen Kortekaas Leslie Lawrence Pierre Bujeau Rachele Monti Sara Daniel Tom Kemp Tomasz Skibicki Walter Gotsch
Executive organizer
Emanuele Braga Erasmus Scherjon Jerszy Seymour Lovis Caputo
Produced by
Kokoschka Revival
Collaboration with
Dirty Art Department Macao Sandberg Instituut


  • Projected during Bifo's conference: Aushwitz on the Beach, Macro (Rome), october 2018
  • Projected during Bifo's conference: After the Future, Recoleta (Buenos Aires), november 2019