is an experimental work where different codes of theatre, dance and music play together. A couple of performers and three musicians create eight frames, which freely retrace the events of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The text has been selected and rewritten: short parts are played in italian and other ones sung in english. A live industrial-techno-noise sound and a minimal scenography create the space where the five performers move: three musicians-witches on the one side and, on the other side, the two protagonists: a couple of young lovers and killers. How far will they go in their ecstatic and passionate journey?

Festival Festival Giardino delle Esperidi (2017), Campsirago di Colle Brianza (Lecco), Italy Macao (2017), Milano, Italy _ work in progress

Directed by
Performed by
Barbara Novati Carmen DʼOnofrio Edoardo Mozzanega
Music by
Giuseppe Calamia Carmen DʼOnofrio