Trilogia del Triangolo (“The Triangle Trilogy”) is a triptych of feminine monologues, three one-women-show to tell the story of their subconscious. They are going to face their Doppelgänger: their double, according to the German mythology. A saint, a prostitute and a mother are going to encounter their own way in this inner anomaly, which refuses to be normalized by the rules of their social context, fights in someone else's clothes, penetrates and twists as a drill in the flesh of the subconscious. “I am an other”. From this refraction emerge three black fables, three streams of consciousness. The triangle is the symbol which connects these three visions, a display and a gate for the empire of the mind.

Trilogia del Triangolo is the first Kokoschka Revival production. Considering the variety of the languages – cinematography and theatre – and the mixture of symbols and codes employed to portray the subconscious, this work constitutes a glossary of the company's imaginary. The dramaturgic research shows in the format, an assemblage of three uneven stories in one piece. Since three different codes are employed, the public is required to actively shift their approach to the show during its display.

Ranging from the most traditional narration to the anti-plot, from the folklore theater to the performance, this could be called a “thriller sonata”: a game of tensions between different aspects of the self articulates this attempt of a morphology of sexuality and its elements - gender and moral and ethical identity, alongside hedonism, procreation and death.

Recitals Teatro del Romito (2013) , Martire, Florence, Italy Teatro Rossi (2013), Martire, Pisa, Italy Teatro Verdi (2013) Repulisti-ti-tu, Milan, Italy Menzione speciale con DEEP - Trilogia del Triangolo at “ Anna Pancirolli Prize (2014) Spazio Tertulliano (2015), Trilogia del Triangolo, Milan, Italy

Written by
Alessandra Ventrella Ana Shametaj Riccardo Calabrò
Directed by
Performed by
Alice Raffaelli Mariasofia Alleva
Sound design
Set design
Edoardo Mozzanega Jacopo Trinca Luca Bonaduce
Editing video Vjing
Sound Editing
Giulia Paggiarin