NEW VOID – The Movie is the result of a performative act of process and concept deconstruction of the cinematographic language. The artist chooses not to use a camera as the image-production device, but an Easypix hand scanner, employed directly on the 15,4'' display of his Macbook Pro. The starting point of the operation is Gaspar Noè's film Enter the Void (2009), from which the images have been taken as RAW material. Through this appropriation process, which almost annulled the aesthetic references of the original source, the artist obtained the frames necessary to create the narrative structure of the new film.

The result is a sophisticated and complex conceptual operation which generates a film rich of autobiographic references and through the protagonist of the plot, RASCO, questions the role and the responsibility of the artist who produces images and works of art. The film is the result of the collaborations with Enrico Boccioletti ft. Death in Plains, who created the sound and composed the original soundtrack, and with Ana Miranda Shametaj, from the experimental theatre company Kokoschka Revival.

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Projections Pac (2015), Glitch - interferenze tra arte e cinema, Milano, Italy Istituto svizzero (2016), Going Digital, Rome, Italy La Rada (2016), Alessandro di Pietro personal exhibition, Locarno, Swiss

Directed by
Alessandro di Pietro
Written by
Alessandro di Pietro Ana Shametaj
Music by
Enrico Boccioletti
Editing video