Albrecht is an experimental short movie, a grotesque tale set in one of the archetypal places of contemporary mythology: the discotheque.

The story shifts between the parable and the tragedy, the record of the party and the video documentation of a performance. A main source of inspiration has been Théophile Gautier's ballet Giselle and the Slavic myth of the “vila” - spirits of dead women, betrayed or abandoned by their lovers when alive, who at night seduce man and force them to dance until death.

The camera follows a young man who moves between the apparitions of a party, which gradually turns into an infernal phantasmagoria. Being unable to stop dancing, the young gradually isolates himself from the fascination of the crowd and from the excitement of the context, imprisoned in his own obsessive movement until the exhaustion of his energies, of the music and the amusement.

Concept by
Editing video Camera
Sound design
Irene Brigitte Renato Rinaldi
Performed by