Artist and inventor, Stefano Roveda renovate italian art history approach applying similar methodologies to visual art, hybridizing computer science and video production tools. He reassesses the value of handicraft applied to new tech by building circuits and sensors, coding software, inventing complex hardware setups and new formal languages involving shooting techniques, editing and special effects, staging solutions. “Retreat” is the core of his poetic. Declining the artists’ habit to “tell stories” filling artworks of contents, he prefer creating group contests. Large scale multichannel video installation where ambiences (walls, tables, objects, pavements) become reactive to human actions. Immersive video and audio environments makes no use of written or spoken words, a new international language combining formal rules for video and audio with interactive behaviours and staging solutions, Unaware spectators becomes actors, proactively involved with body and emotions into device driven group interaction. An author’s step back, immediately filled by an excited audience heterogeneous for age, language, skills and culture.The “Bottega Artigianale Contemporanea” (“Contemporary Workshop”), as in the Reinassance gather creative minds, managing and technical skills to create oversize interactive video installations, exhibited in mayor international museums and galleries (Vatican Museums, Rome - Stuttkart Opera House (Ger) - Venice Biennale - Almeda Theater, London -Sferisterio, Macerata (IT) - The Hall of Science, New York - ACE Gallery, Tribeca, New York - Triennale Milano - Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma - Drama Theater Shanghai - NTT Building Tokyo - Expo Shanghai - Site SantaFe, New Mexico - Ancient Lucca Walls (IT) - Colosseum, Rome - Castel S. Angelo, Rome - Nemo Science Museum, Amsterdam - Castel Sant’Elmo Naples, Castel dell’Ovo, Naples, Villa Pignatelli, Naples - Mole Antonelliana, Torino …)