Piero Ramella (b. 8/16/1991) is visual artist and performer. Since 2003 he practices capoeira with Jose Ubaldo dos Santos, Mestre Alegria, and participates to many workshops and public exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2009 he became Instrutor and started to teach to adults and children. From 2007 to 2014 he studied life drawing and painting with Paolo Cervi Kervischer in Trieste. In 2013 he started to practice Butoh under Masaki Iwana in Trieste and France, at La Maison du Butoh Blanc. In 2014 he graduates in Philosophy at the University of Trieste discussing a thesis about Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Frazer’s “Golden Bough”. He is now leading his artistic research between Milan and Triest. In 2015 he joined the experimental theater collective Kokoschka Revival. In theater he worked with Anagoor, Teatro Valdoca and Alexandr Sokurov. In 2019 he participates to the A.PASS post master program (Bruxelles) with shared research project with Lucia Palladino.