Ondina Quadri, ’94, grows up in Roma and now lives between Italy and Athens.

During high school year she played drums in many squat of the city, she occupied a cinema and she debut on the big screen with “Le Metamorfosi”, from Yanira Yariv, Dugong production, Locarno Film Festival 2013, in the role of “Hermafrodite”. The first movie as a main character is “Arianna” from Carlo Lavagna (Ring Film production - Venice film festival 2014), wich will bring her prices as Globo D’oro for the best actress, FICE, etc.. She is the main protagonist in “The Nest” by Klaudia Reynicke, coproduction Italy-Switzerland, Tempesta Srl/Amka Film, Locarno film festival 2016. In 2018 she acts in “Capri Batterie” by Mario Martone (indigo production) and “Le Notti Magiche” by Paolo Virzi’ (Lotus production).

In shortmovies she is the main character in “ES-SAY” by Chiara Livia Arrigo (2015), “IM BAREN” by Lilian Sassanelli (2018), “Moonman” by Daniele Cernicchi (2019) and “The end of men” by Elena Griggio (2019).

She studied taking part in workshop of formation and creation with artists as Doris Hicks, STRASSE, Silvia Calderoni/Ilenia Caleo, Virgilio Sieni, Lara Russo, MOTUS, ANDRECO, Teatro Valdoca, Nova Melancholia.

In theatre she works in Italy for MOTUS (Raffiche; Uber-Raffiche), Teatro Valdoca (Giuramenti), Kokoschka revival (Lars, a portrait of Lars Von Trier ; YOU FIGHT). In Greece for Nova Melancholia (Let’s imagine an heroic landscape).

She is collaborating as a performer in visual arts with ANDRECO ( “The rock slide and the wood”,Drodesera festival 2016; “Furrina”, Rome 2018) and Ludovica Carbotta (“Monowe” MAXXI, Roma 2017; “ Monowe, conversations”, Turin 2018).

She is creator and codirector of the performance Taken For Granted (Festival d’Avignon OFF, 2018) with Paola Stella Minni and Kostantinos Rizos. She is founder and member of the band GiogioAndTheBabygang since 2018.