Ondina Quadri, born in Fiesole  in 1994 is an Itlaian actress. She grew up in Rome where she studied drums and she playd around squat and pubs in a rock band.

She started beeing interessed in theatre in 2002 when she started working in the organization of the international thatre festival of Santarcangelo.

In the 2013 she played in her first movie, from the french-israelian director Yanira Yariv “Amori e Metamorfosi” presented in Locarno film festival, in the role of Hermafrodite.

Then she started working in the film Arianna, directed from Carlo Lavagna, and pruduced from Ring film, that have been presented in the Venice film festival in 2014.
She travelled presenting the movie in different festival above the world (Guadalajara, New York city, London, Mons..)

Then she acted in the main role in a shortfilm from Chiara Livia Arrigo called “ES-SAY” At the same time she started studying at university arts, theatre and cinema, in Bologna.
She continue to act partecipating to worshop, creation, lessons and esearchs with different artist: Doris Hicks, STRASSE, Silvia Calderoni e Ilenia Caleo, Virgilio Sieni, Lara Russo, Paola Stella Minni, MOYUS, ANDRECO, Teatro Valdoca.

The last cinema production she’ve been involved is the swiss movie “IL NIDO”, from Klaudia Reynicke, presented at the Locarno film festival in 2016, produced from Amka production and Tempesta.

She is now working in three different theatre production around Italy, with MOTUS (Raffiche), Teatro Valdoca (Giuramenti) and Kokoschka revival (Lars, a portrait of Lars Von Trier and YOU FIGHT).

She is also collaborating in two project from visual artist: Andreco (in the festival Drodesera 2016) and Ludovica Carbotta (at the museum of contemporary art MAXXI, Rome)

She is reaserching with Paola Stella Minni and Konstantinos Rizos for a performance that will debut in 2017 at Tenuta dello Scompiglio. 


Globo d’oro to the best actress, Rome 2016, for the film Arianna. (awards given from the foreign press)

Fedeora, Venice 2015, for Arianna

Nuovo IMAIE, Venice 2015.

Premio FICE (italian federation of film autor movie), Matova 2015.