Marta Lunetta was born in Palermo in 1988. In 2006, during high school, she was admitted at the Theatre Academy of “ Teatro Biondo, Stabile of Palermo”. The following year she started working in main cast of television series for Rai 3 called “Agrodolce”. She decide not to shoot the second series to continue her theatrical studies. In 2010 she was admitted at “Paolo Grassi School” in Milan, where she studied with many masters as Maria Consagra, Kuniaki ida, Maurizio Schmidt and Giampiero Solari. She graduated in 2013. In 2013 she is one of the founder members of “Kokoschka revival”. Marta worked as actress of a project born during the academy directed by Ana Shametaj and written by alessandra ventrella, “Martire” the first chapter of “Trilogia del Triangolo” (“Triangle Trilogy”) , Kokoschka Revival’s show debut.

Meanwhile she worked on theatre with Maurizio schmidt (“Buon Lavoro”); massimo Navone (“Storia diQu” di Dari oFo) and Antonio Silvia (“A midsummer night’s dream”) The interest for the video expression goes on; she worked on the video installation directed by Adrian Paci and Roland Sejko (“Sue Proprie Mani”- 2015), on short movies, among which Camilla Salvatore’s one (2015), the docu-film “Eis Pegas” directed by Andrea Giannone (2016) and the movie “Luigo” directed by Stefano Michele Usardi (currently in post production).

She’s now in palermo where she will soon make debut at Biondo Theatre with the show “O come buco” written and directed by Giovanni Lo Monaco.