Damon Arabsolgar is a composer, photographer, sound designer and performer. Growing up in a family of mixed origins (Iran, Germany, Italy), he began to study piano and composition at an early age (Yamaha courses, civic schools) and then took the license in theory and Solfeggio in Riva del Garda. While he graduates in Economics and Management for Art Culture and Communication at Bocconi University in Milan, he began to dedicate himself full time to music. As a composer, singer and musician he records with Pashmak: Magnetic Knife Strip (2012), Desquamation (2013), Let the Water FLow (2015), Indigo (2016) and Altantic Thoughts (2019, Manita Records). The project receives excellent feedbacks from the specialized press (internationale, Manifesto, Rumore, Blow-up, Rockit) and after four tours in the main European and Balkan capitals, leaves in 2017 for a Russian tour, then follows an Italian tour produced by Panico Concerts in some of the most important stages of the national territory (TPO, Serraglio, Carroponte). He performed at the prestigious MENT Festival in Ljubljana. He founded MOMBAO together with Anselmo Luisi and began to explore the possibilities of shamanic ritualilty in the musical and performative field thanks to the collaboration with Lucia Palladino (Teatro Valdoca) and Piero Ramella (Anagoor), he performed in Italy, Morocco, Germany, Czech Republic and in the main Balkan capitals (Emigrafe EP 2018). As a soloist, he performed in Italy, Spain and Morocco with a piano, electronic and songwriting repertoire in which concrete and pop music began to deeply influence themselves. In the meantime he produces the soundtrack of "Wild Words" by Ana Shametaj (2019, Trieste Film Festival) and "Città Visibile" by Laura Samani (Trieste Film Festival). He works as a Sound Designer in the world of advertising and fashion, landing at the Milan Fashion Film Festival with the documentary "Tell Me Tel Aviv" by Luca Nistler. During his tours abroad he documents his travels through photographic reportages, he publishes "I Have a Clementine in One Hand and a Young Black Goat in the Other" on the prestigious "Lomography" magazine. He deals with research in the field of open innovation and big data in the textile field and collaborates with Cabana in the field of interior design.