Arthur Tramier is a designer and artist whose skills encompass the field of design, fashion and its environnement in the broadest sense, mostly specialised in material and color research. Lately his practice as a designer materialised into domestic objects which chimes with his research and writings on Sympathy that he considers as an aesthetic responsibility.

Together with Tom Schneider, a cabinetmaker and furniture designer, they form the duo Tom et Arthur, They create counter-correct objects and deepdeep domestic layouts.

Arthur is co-founder and art director of Maison de design Majikanar, together with Victorien Soufflet.

He is also co-founder and designer of Les 3 Gros, a pop-up gourmet restaurant that takes place spontaneously yet rarely. Les 3 Gros offers one all-inclusive table for two. With Elise Ehry and Constance Hinfray.

Arthur Tramier currently is based in Milan (IT).