Andrea Rogolino was born in Reggio Calabria (Italy) in 1994 before to move in Milan where he started to study Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication at Bocconi University with the curriculum in Contemporary Art, Cinema and Social Theory.

He worked for Milano Film Festival 2014 inside the Cinema Programming Office.

Starting from 2015 he is enrolled in MSc in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment at Bocconi University with the path in Performing Arts.

He worked for Festival Internazionale di Santarcangelo del Teatro in Piazza 2016 inside the Artistic Production Office, flanking the theatrical company DOM- for the itinerant urban performance production “L’uomo che cammina”, co-production with Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria.

Ever during the last summer he finalized the Summer School in Urban Life, Political Activism, City Growth and Change, Urban Culture Entrepreneurship at KUA of Copenaghen.

He is finalizing his Master studies through an Exchaneg Program at UvA of Amsterdam.

He is actually working for his final thesis project in Political Performing Arts Curatorship, collaborating with the Centre of Cross-regional Studies ever at KUA of Copenaghen.

He starts to be part of Kokoschka Revival as Artistic projects distributor starting from November 2016.