Musician, digital artist and PhD Candidate at University of Côte d’Azur (Nice, France) where he is professor in Electronic Music Composition.

He obtained his BA in Aesthetic Philosophy and his MA in Anthropology of Music at Università degli Studi of Milan, where he also earned a Diploma in Electronic Music. His artistic and academic research focus on the relation between performance, music and new media experimentation (particularly motion sensing technologies). Within to this framework, a special attention is paid to the notion of sound body. Furthermore, an important part of his work concerns interactive sound applications development. As performer, his major interests involve improvisational processes in electroacoustic and mixed music.

He is sound designer in Kokoschka Revival theatre company and artistic collective. He participated to many international festivals like NAO Performing Festival (Milan, IT), Tempo Reale Festival (Firenze, IT), aCROSS Festival (Plaisir, FR), Festival Manca (Nice, FR), MIRA Festival (Barcelona, ES), Festival Polline and LPM (Rome, IT), LMDP (Cagliari, IT).

He is also involved in electronic music production, particularly techno, ambient and avant-garde. His music is currently released on RXSTNZ, ADN, Communion and Syntheke Records. He is presently taking part in the artist-in-residence program at CIRM (Centre National de Création Musicale Nice).