Ana Shametaj is a director, author and researcher born in Durres (Albania) in 1991. After her graduation in theater direction at the Paolo Grassi School of Milan, she directed the British plays "Let There Be Love" by Kwame Kwei Armah (Teatro della Cooperativa - Milan, 2012), and "Borderline" by Hanif Kureishi (Piccolo Teatro - Milan, 2013) - both debuts of the british authors into Italian language. On 2012 she co-founded the artistic collective Kokoschka Revival, working as director for many theater shows (Trilogia del Triangolo, 2014, Lars - a portrait of Lars Von Trier, 2016; You Fight!, 2018), performed in international theaters. Meanwhile she keeps studying with the masters of the italian experimental theater field, collaborating with the historical italian theatre companies Teatro Valdoca, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, and Odìn Teatret Film. In 2014 she worked with some visual artists making video installations and experimental movies: as a dramatist for the video installation "Sue Proprie Mani" by Adrian Paci and Roland Sejko (Maxxi,Rome 2015), and as an editor and writer of "New Void" by Alessandro di Pietro (Pac, Milano 2015); as a cameraman for the documentary "Lorello and Brunello" by Jacopo Quadri (Torino Film Festival, 2017). Activist of the new center for arts, culture and research of MACAO, she co-founded in 2018 the Milan Local Node of Faircoop and Coop of the Commons, focus on the relation between technology, communities and social solidarity networks. Since 2018 she has been collaborating with Studio Azzurro, designing and promoting a participative process of co-owning of large scale interactive video installations. As filmmaker she has directed "Apocalypse Wow!" written and performed by Franco Berardi Bifo (Macro, Roma - Recoleta, Buenos Aires 2018). “Wild Words” is her first full-length documentary (Trieste Film Festival, 2019, Locarno Film Festival - L'immagine e la parola - 2019). She's a selected filmmaker of the Bèla Tarr's workshop "Mountain, Loneliness, Desire" organized in April 2019 by Locarno Film Festival.